Questions about the use of this website.

I do not get to see PDF documents.

This may be due to a (default) browser settings which prevents opening a pop-up page.
To show a pop-up page you must enable it in the browser settings.
How you can do this is dependent on the make of the Web browser.

Which Web browsers checked this site?

This website is tested on a pc with windows 10 with Edge, Internet explorer (8 and higher), Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
More testing is done on an Ipad with Safari (IOS 9) and a Samsung Galaxy Tab with Chrome (Android 6) and a GSM (Android 4.4).
Safari and Chrome on a mobile device give a warning and ask confirmation to open a pop-up in the browser.
When you confirm the pdf is opened, else it does not show.

Tip: Do not ever use the default webbrowser of Android older than version 5. This version is insecure.

What file types are the documents?

Most documents are in PDF format.

What can I do if I find a problem?

If you find a problem, describe the problem as clearly as possible and
specify what kind of device you are using and what make and version web browser.
Fill in the supportform as complete as possible.

Last update: 09/11/2022
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